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1972 National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

1981 Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame

1986 East Bay, California Hall of Fame

1991 Babe Ruth League International Hall of Fame

1987 Yankee Stadium Monument Park

1999 & 2013 Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame


Est. 1962 Lefty Gomez Award
Presented annually by the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) as its most prestigious award. It is bestowed each year on “an individual who has distinguished himself, like Lefty Gomez, amongst his peers and has contributed significantly to the game of baseball locally, nationally, and internationally”.

Est. 1991 The Lefty Gomez Volunteer of the Year Award
Presented annually by the Babe Ruth League International. Its recipient must exhibit Lefty’s commitment to youth baseball and embody the spirit of the Babe Ruth League philosophy, which is to provide the best possible sports experience for every child that has the desire to play.

Est. 1999 The Lefty Gomez Softball Volunteer of the Year Award
Presented annually by the Babe Ruth League International.


Fairfax, California – 1972 Lefty Gomez Ballpark

Rodeo, CA – 1990 Lefty Gomez Field (California Point of Historical Interest)

San Marin, CA – 1990 Lefty Gomez Varsity Baseball Field


United States Goodwill Ambassador 1958

Appointed by US Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, as Goodwill Ambassador to Latin America for the purpose of promoting America’s national goodwill in Central America, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

Congressional Record Commemoration 1976

Read into the record by James Farley, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and former Postmaster General under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.


Connecticut Yankees Award 1966

Presented to Lefty Gomez by Roy Campanella on behalf of the “Connecticut Yankee” organization for his sportsmanship, humanitarianism and his unwavering support of youth baseball.

Good Guy Award 1976

The American Legion Good Guy Award is presented “to Lefty Gomez, a favorite of GIs from WWII to Vietnam and in recognition of Lefty’s commitment to American Legion Ball on the field and behind the podium as a motivational speaker, bringing the fundamentals of this uniquely American game that teaches beyond the fundamentals of play, a strong sense of loyalty, team spirit, discipline and leadership.”

Lou Gehrig Pride of the Yankees Award 1987

Presented to Lefty Gomez by George Steinbrenner and the New York Yankees at the Yankee Homecoming dinner.


Japan Award 1934

The Japanese presented Lefty Gomez and Babe Ruth with awards for their performance during the All American All-Star tour of Japan.

Universidad de la Habana, Cuba - Gold Medal 1948

Presented by the University of Havana, Cuba. The inscription reads: “To Vernon Gomez in recognition of his work with the baseball teams of the University of Havana. 1947-48”


1932, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1941 MLB World Series Championship Team

1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939 MLB All-Star Team

1934, 1937 Triple Crown of Pitching

1934, 1937 AL Pitching Champion

1934 Elected to All-American All Stars and Japan Goodwill Tour

1964-1989 Director, Babe Ruth Baseball League International

1969-1985 Annual National All-Star Promotional Tour

1979 Honorary Co-Captain of the MLB 50th All-Star Game

1983 Honorary 50th Anniversary All-Star Game Pitcher

1984 Smithsonian Museum Guest of Honor

1986 King of Baseball
Lefty Gomez is crowned King of Baseball for his longtime dedication and service to the game, by Minor League Baseball, the National Association of Professional Baseball which operates pro baseball’s minor leagues.

1987 Lou Gehrig Pride of the Yankees Award
Presented to Lefty Gomez by George Steinbrenner at the Yankee Homecoming dinner.

1988 Outstanding Service Award (Babe Ruth International League)

1989 Meritorious Service Award (American Baseball Coaches Association)


1934 TIME Magazine Cover
Lefty Gomez is the first pitcher to grace the cover of TIME Magazine

1934 WHEATIES Cereal Box Cover
Lefty appeared as No. 1 in the Wheaties Box Cover Series, “How to Play Winning Baseball.”

1952 Baseball Writers Assn. Yankees All-Time All-Star Team 1903-1952

1960 Casey Stengel “You Can Look It Up” Award

1972 Elected Honorary Member of the Press Club of San Francisco

1979 Sports Illustrated All-Star Team

1980 SUPERSTAR Award
Presented by Collegiate Baseball, the official publication of the ABCA, to recognize outstanding service to collegiate baseball. Lefty Gomez was the first recipient.

1987 San Francisco Examiner Bay’s Best
Presented to the all-time all-star athletes selected from 100 years of sports.

1998 The Sporting News Greatest Baseball Players
Celebrating the 20th century’s best baseball players and contributors to the game.

2011 ESPN MLB - The 20 Greatest Yankees
ESPN names Lefty as one of the top 20 greatest Yankees of all time, and ESPN baseball fans rank Lefty in the top 10.

2012-2013 LEFTY – An American Odyssey
Random House International publishes Lefty Gomez’ biography.

2012 Cooperstown Film Festival
The film, Baseball Comes to Japan – The Journey of Lefty Gomez is honored by being selected for the 2012 Cooperstown Film Festival at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.


Aviator and Stunt Pilot

Eddie Duchin Band & Jack Teagarden Band, Guest Saxophonist
Away from the Stadium Lefty played sax with the Eddie Duchin and Jack Teagarden bands and took to the skies as a stunt-flying pilot.

Sporting News, Featured Author
Lefty wrote feature articles for J. Taylor Spink, founder and editor of the Sporting News. Spink was not alone in his discovery of Lefty’s exceptional wit and timing.

WINS 1010 Sports Radio - The Lefty Gomez Show
At ease behind a mike, Lefty soon wound up with the Lefty Gomez Pre-Game and Post-Game Shows on WINS 1010 radio in New York.

The Larry King Radio Talk show
Larry King interviewed Lefty Gomez and Bill Terry following the 1984 Smithsonian Baseball Immortals Exhibition. Lefty and Bill were the Smithsonian's guests of honor, along with Leo Durocher.


Information Please

What’s My Line?

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Sports Challenge
Lefty became a frequent guest panelist on iconic shows such as Information Please and What’s My Line? In years to come, Lefty traded jokes with Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show, and was a panelist with Joe DiMaggio and Tom Henrich on the legendary TV show, Sports Challenge; setting a record by winning 8 consecutive games.

Screwball, Studio One, Actor

Baseball Blues, US Steel Hour, Actor
Lefty later turned from sports to TV drama and appeared in Screwball with Cloris Leachman on Studio One, and in Baseball Blues with Frank Lovejoy on the United States Steel Hour. In recalling his cameo roles, Lefty laughed and said, “I didn’t bring home an Emmy, but for a guy who talks off the cuff, keeping to a script with seasoned actors was all the applause I wanted.”


2015 SpyBall

2014 Henry & Me

2014 The Battered Bastards of Baseball

2013 America's Secret Slang: Them's Fighting Words

2012 Baseball Legends Remembered

2012 Baseball Comes to Japan: The Journey of Lefty Gomez

2012 The Cowboy's Son

1991 When It Was A Game

1979 1979 MLB All-Star Game

1948 The Babe Ruth Story

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