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“In the darkest decade of the American Century, the 1930s, 'Lefty' Gomez gave baseball fans...something to cheer for and to admire. His story transcends sports and gives us a much-needed lesson in grit and grace.” -- Jon Meacham, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of American Lion

#1 on Sports Illustrated's Lineup of Spring Baseball Books”
-- Sports Illustrated

“In a loving and beautifully written tribute to her parents, Vernona Gomez recaptures the magic of a time when baseball and Broadway were our true national pastimes. Be prepared to be transformed, and to discover stars who were stars in an age when that word really meant something.”
-- Mike Greenberg, Author and Co-host of ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning

 A New York Post top pick
“Throw the book at'em!, The Post's Billy Heller picks his favorite baseball tomes for Spring”
-- The New York Post

Baseball fans everywhere will appreciate this book. Here was a man who wagered with Ruth, laughed with Gehrig, and roomed with DiMaggio. He was known as the fire-throwing left-hander of the successful Yankees teams of the 1930s and as the man that made clowning around the diamond famous. Lefty's adventurous stories both on and off the diamond will have readers talking about this book for many years to come.” -- Steven Tellefsen, President and CEO, Babe Ruth League, Inc.

“The authors brought back great memories to me in this book. I always loved the way Lefty made my dad laugh, and I loved listening to the stories about Bing hanging out with the baseball gods in their prime. These stories allowed me to see my father as he was long before I was ever born. My sisters and I loved it when Lefty came to visit we got to watch TV because Lefty would turn it on for us. My dad always deferred to Lefty and house rules flew out the window! Thanks for such a nostalgic and entertaining book.”
-- Kurt Russell, Award-winning actor

“A baseball saga ... Lefty takes us on a journey through time and space -- a tale that's richer than the life it celebrates
-- Austin American-Statesman

“An ABSOLUTELY GREAT READ and not just for baseball fans. This book brings the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, in particular, alive in such a fun and exciting way. I loved it.”
-- Louise Russell

Wow, I really enjoyed the book and will continue reading and looking back on it. As you know, Lefty was just cool. As a Yankee I always felt proud of continuing a left-handed legacy that Lefty had started. Thank you for the book, it will be cherished. ”
-- Dave Righetti, Pitching Coach, San Francisco Giants and former New York Yankees pitcher (1979-1990)

“...from Lefty’s California boyhood...his signing with the San Francisco Seals and his storied Yankee career...the narrative’s chief the treatment of Lefty the character. For his pranks, eccentricities and high-spirited antics, he acquired the nickname El Goofo, but the moniker belied a steady character that led teammates to confide in him, a keen native intelligence and ready wit. Sure, he once famously held up a World Series game as he contemplated a passing airplane, but this same man perfectly captured the fearsome slugger Jimmie Foxx by remarking, 'He has muscles in his hair.' Lefty...hung with an endless list of famous friends...chumming with James Michener, dining with Hemingway, fishing with Ted Williams, playing cards with the Babe. An amiable portrait of a baseball great...whose outsized personality looms even larger than his considerable athletic achievements.
-- Kirkus Reviews